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Strategic Sourcing

We specialize in strategic sourcing of health care products from surgical instruments to cleaning products. We offer procurement solutions for categories such as: cardiac, surgical instruments, wound care, orthopedic joints, and office supplies. Our dynamic team of sourcing experts support contract management, purchasing, materials management and vendor relationship management. Our sourcing process also includes clinical risk rating of all products for increased levels of patient safety and validation of new products to ensure they meet Member-specific needs.


Warehouse & Logistics

Our modern warehouse model offers a scalable, efficient distribution platform supports “supply chain to the cart” optimization, delivering ward-ready product to our Members through a “just-in-time” system that provides a stockless model to help Members economize space on-site and reduce distribution costs. Representatives from our Materials Management team work closely with Members to optimize product handling to reduce lines ordered, decrease product handling to increase efficiencies and help Members realize further savings.




Our team of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians and assistants bring extensive hospital and community-based clinical experience to Mohawk Medbuy's comprehensive sourcing process. With the focus on patient care, we work closely with our Members to develop innovative, value-based procurement solutions for the pharmaceutical products and services they count on.

Our rigorous approach facilitates peer-to-peer dialogue, mitigates risk, adheres to pharmacy regulations and helps maintain continuity of supply. The end result are contracts that maximize savings and spend quality. Our support continues throughout the life of those contracts – helping Members transition to new products and/or vendors and manage their inventories in the event of a supply disruption. 

Customized Spend Analytics reports are a key offering of our Pharmacy Services Program. They identify on- and off-contract purchasing patterns and opportunities for additional savings.


Accounts Payable

Our award-winning AP solution provides Members with an intuitive, automated platform for cost-effective invoice capture, processing and payment. The customizable system features   rigorous process control and rigid segregation of duty to reduce fraud potential. accelerates accruals, helps maximize payment term discounts, and eliminates paper invoice management. It also offers sophisticated analytics and real-time visibility on spending to help drive operational and financial efficiencies across their organizations.




Mohawk Medbuy tracks, launders and provides on-time delivery of over 13 million kilograms of high quality linens to Ontario hospitals, long-term care facilities, EMS and patient transfer services. Our CHCFA-compliant facility uses advanced, water-conserving tunnel washers for efficient, environmentally responsible operations. As part of our Dynamic Linen Replenishment System, we equip customers with iPads programmed with a user-friendly app that makes counts and cart-specific re-ordering fast and efficient.

Beyond our full assortment of reusable linens, including surgical textiles, we can also address requirements for disposable items, such as isolation gowns, OR gowns and more.



Our Analytics team harnesses the power of data to create actionable intelligence for our Members. That starts with cleansing the raw spend data they supply – validating product descriptions, standardizing unit-of-measure and confirming pricing against transactional information – to accurately match it against our product repository. Through this process, and customized Spend Analytics reports for each Member, we determine off-contract spending and savings opportunities on Med/Surg and Pharmaceutical products. 

From the data, we can assess each Member's product utilization for upcoming sourcing initiatives, which reduces workload on their staff and results in robust contracts that accurately reflect Member needs. We also aggregate and analyze the spend data of all our Members to identify new contractable items. 



Innovation & Clinical

Innovation is at the core of everything we do – we are dedicated to offering innovative solutions across our broad range of services that allow health care providers to optimize the delivery of patient care in the changing health care landscape. Our Innovation Program brings industry innovators and health providers together in a collaborative environment to promote greater access to innovative solutions to challenges currently facing the health care industry.

Our Clinical Services team provides a unique perspective to the innovation process, engaging with clinicians at all levels to ensure the clinical and patient focus are incorporated into everything we do. The team of six registered nurses brings expertise and a sharp, clinical focus to everything we do – from evaluating and risk rating items for contracts to spearheading innovation opportunities to providing in-hospital guidance. They work closely with clinicians in Member organizations to ensure our solutions address both clinical and patient needs.


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