Helping Canada's health care organizations invest in and focus on improving the patient experience.



The support we provide to our Members is reinforced by maintaining strong business relationships with Canada's leading health care manufacturers and service providers.

Within the vendor community, our long held principles of commitment and compliance distinguish Mohawk Medbuy from other national organizations. We’re also guided by the principle of positive Member/vendor relations, which facilitates partner-based relationships and the tremendous potential of value-based and innovative procurement approaches.

Contracted vendors can experience a wide range of benefits through their relationship with Mohawk Medbuy and our Members:

  • Equitable, fair and transparent contract award process

  • Increase market penetration

  • Access to contract management support

  • Contracts with highest compliance rating in the market and consistent payment history

  • Up-front purchasing volumes

  • Consistency in sales forecasting and production planning

  • Lower sales costs through reduced administration needs

  • Valuable input on new product development from end users within Member facilities


Supply disruption

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A complete listing of active contracts is updated regularly to assist you in planning for future opportunities.


Innovation Program

An innovation launch pad to help health care suppliers introduce new products to our Members

Mohawk Medbuy strongly believes that innovative products, services and processes are crucial to the future of health care in Canada. Our Innovation Program was developed in 2015 to provide vendors with a forum to introduce their latest advances to our membership.  

We recognize that our Members have limited resources to assess new* technologies for clinical acceptability – as well as understand financial and operational benefits. Through the expertise of our Clinical and Pharmaceutical Teams, our insights assist Members in their decisions about technologies that improve quality of care and maximize the value they obtain from their finite resources.  

Have an innovation? Let’s talk.

We encourage you to reach out to us at any time if you have an innovative product and/or service – including existing technologies with innovative practice change recommendations – that can positively affect:

  • Patient health

  • Delivery of patient care

  • Safety of patients and health care providers

  • Administrative efficiencies.

To quote the Council of Canadian Academies’ definition of innovation, we are looking for opportunities to support our Members by exploring “new or better ways of doing valued things.” 

Our Review Process is Designed to Save our Members’ Time

Mohawk Medbuy follows a detailed process to review and assess new technologies or practice changes in partnership with our Members for consideration of establishing a new contract.


To be eligible for an Innovation contract, a product must meet the following criteria:

  • The product must be used in the clinical care of a patient;

  • The product must have Health Canada approval, if applicable;

  • The technology must be either new, or an improvement over existing technology within the same product category;

  • The product must demonstrate a measurable, incremental benefit to patient care – or the safety of patients or health care workers – compared to other products that are already available in the market.

Note – Software products and those requiring capital investment are out of scope for the Innovation Program.

*new refers to a product that has become available in the marketplace since we last ran a competitive bid for that product category


Innovation Program Submission

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