Mohawk Medbuy Hospital Linens Find New Life

Mohawk Medbuy launders and provides on-time delivery of over 13 million kilograms of high-quality linens to our Members every year. Have you ever wondered where those linens go when they’re past their prime? 

They’re donated to a group of women, known as the Westover Layette Ladies, who cut and sew those well-worn linens into diapers, blankets, and washcloths for mothers and babies in third world countries. 

The Layette Ladies make use of a multitude of donated linens, from surgical gowns with small holes in them, to cotton pads. “This initiative is important for community involvement,” says Jason Grsic, Production and Facilities Manager at Mohawk Medbuy’s Linen Plant. “It reduces Mohawk Medbuy’s footprint, by reducing the amount of old linens that go to the landfill.” 

Lena VanderHout, Coordinator of the Layette Ladies, began the group after a trip to Haiti where she saw a distressing lack of supplies for newborn infants and their mothers. What started as a group of 12 dedicated ladies from West Flamboro Presbyterian Church in Westover, Ontario, has grown to more than 30 women. “We are very thankful to Mohawk Medbuy for donating their hospital linens to us,” said VanderHout. 

The group meets twice a month to transform linens into items for newborns. Once completed, they’re given to organizations like Loads of Love to be shipped to countries in need. 

By donating old hospital linens, Mohawk Medbuy is part of an amazing initiative to reduce waste and help others in need. 

For more information about the Loads of Love charity organization click here

Kara James