Mohawk Medbuy Responds to the Need for Improved Supply Disruption Support with New Program: MitigAID

The growing number of manufacturer supply disruptions continues to concern Canadians and create significant challenges for our hospital staff. Managing supply issues has become an unfortunate part of hospital daily practice, which takes time and resources away from direct patient care.

In 2018/2019, Mohawk Medbuy experienced more than 1,500 supply disruptions on our contracted items.  This startling number placed an important spotlight on the gaps and challenges in Canada’s health care supply chain.  Unanticipated and poorly communicated shortages and discontinuations severely impact the delivery of patient care and demand a more efficient, enhanced supply disruption program.

Mohawk Medbuy recognized this need and worked with Member hospitals and vendors to create MitigAID – a comprehensive program to support hospitals.

MitigAID is an intuitive, efficient supply disruption management program with enhanced portal functionality designed to offer our Members and vendors direct access to manage supply disruption information.  MitigAID features a dedicated supply disruption team to manage communications, to identify and vet substitution products and to confirm supply availability. MitigAID also provides clinical assessment of criticality and leverages Mohawk Medbuy’s Like Product Repository to identify substitutes.

Mohawk Medbuy recently completed in-class and webinar training to hundreds of vendors and procurement staff of Member hospitals. Members and vendors also have access to How To videos, Quick Start guides and a dedicated Service Desk for direct support.

MitigAID’s official launch date is Tuesday, October 15, 2019 with further enhancements rolling out before the end of the year.


Kara James