HMMS and Mohawk Medbuy Corporation Announce Affiliation Agreement

Healthcare Materials Management Services (HMMS) and Mohawk Medbuy Corporation have reached an affiliation agreement enabling the two organizations and their mutual partner, TransForm Shared Service Organization (TransForm), to collaborate on cost-saving sourcing and contract management initiatives.

“We’re very excited to be working with Mohawk Medbuy,” says HMMS General Manager Toby O’Hara, explaining the agreement with Mohawk Medbuy follows last year’s collaborative partnership with TransForm that created new opportunities and efficiencies for both organizations.

“This important affiliation will help us better align our contractual commitments and further improve our respective supply chains,” agrees Derek Robertson, TransForm’s Chief Business Development and Supply Chain Officer.

HMMS’ new relationship with Mohawk Medbuy is expected to significantly improve the integrity of contract management and immediately assist both HMMS and TransForm in their desire to align on future sourcing initiatives. Suppliers can expect to see HMMS commit to Mohawk Medbuy contracts where a clear value proposition is evident and contractual compliance can be maintained.

The affiliation also means increased market share for Mohawk Medbuy, already servicing 240 plus hospital relationships formed through the amalgamation of Mohawk Shared Services and Medbuy Corporation.

“This affiliation is a win-win for everyone involved,” says Tony DiEmanuele, Mohawk Medbuy President and CEO. TransForm was already an active member when HMMS signed the agreement with Mohawk Medbuy in May. “We’re looking forward to working with both organizations on opportunities to provide greater value to health providers in Ontario.”

About HMMS
Healthcare Materials Management Services ( is a joint venture between London Health Sciences Centre and St. Joseph’s Health Care, London created in 1997 to integrate and consolidate the functions of sourcing, contracts management, purchasing, accounts payable, inventory management, warehousing and logistics.

About TransForm
TransForm Shared Service Organization ( was created by Bluewater Health, Chatham-Kent Health Alliance, Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare, Erie Shores HealthCare and Windsor Regional Hospital in 2013 and strives to be Ontario’s leading shared service organization, improving value and achieving health system transformation through the delivery of exceptional service and the creation of new opportunities.

About Mohawk Medbuy Corporation
Mohawk Medbuy ( is one of Canada’s largest, not-for-profit, health care shared service organizations. We help our customers deliver high quality patient care by providing innovative, cost-effective sourcing of medical/surgical and pharmaceutical products, warehousing and logistics, linen services, clinical engagement, analytics and accounts payable services. Our collaborative, customer-centric approach delivers insight and solutions that bring value, efficiencies and cost-savings to health care.

For more information, please contact:

Toby O’Hara
General Manager

Derek Robertson
Chief Business Development & Supply Chain Officer

Tony DiEmanuele
President & CEO
Mohawk Medbuy Corporation

Kara James