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Market Sounding for Regional
Cardiac Expansion

St. Mary’s General Hospital is seeking cross-sector partnerships as part of our strategy to implement the Waterloo Wellington Regional Cardiac Program Strategic Plan. Our goals are to Partner with Patients, Expand Access to Care, and Integrate a Quality Program across the Health Care System.

To facilitate this, Mohawk Medbuy, on behalf of St. Mary’s, is holding a Market Sounding Event to open dialogue with a range of companies and innovators, get a feel for the market, and collect information for a planned innovative procurement process.

Be Part of a Solution Revolution
in Cardiac Care at St. Mary’s

Why Should You Attend Market Sounding?

  • Discover how your products and services can be part of solution innovation with a national leader in Cardiac Care

  • Gain access to new markets by better understanding health system priorities

  • Hear from our clinical experts on what we want to achieve in cardiac care and what stands in our way

  • Network with other participants interested in healthcare innovation

Who Should Attend Market Sounding?

  • Healthcare innovators

  • Digital and IT solution providers

  • Medtech and Med/Surg companies

  • Tech companies and start-ups interested in cross-sector collaborations

  • Vendors of cardiac products, equipment and/or services

  • Integrated care solutions providers

  • Regional care providers, clinics, physicians, patients and advocates

  • Anyone interested in developing innovative solutions to healthcare problems

Additional information

For more information, download the 6-page
St. Mary’s Innovative Procurement Backgrounder.

To learn about St. Mary’s strategic priorities, click here to access the
At-a-glance Waterloo Wellington Regional Cardiac Strategic Plan.

To learn more about St. Mary’s General Hospital, click here.


Market Sounding Timetable

Register for the market sounding by October 16, 2018 – 04:00 PM

Upon registration, you will receive access to:

  1. Market Sounding Prospectus

  2. SMGH Innovative Procurement Needs

  3. Waterloo Wellington Regional Cardiac Strategic Report


Submit your questions to the Market Sounding Coordinator

Deadline for questions is October 12, 2018 – 04:00 PM EST


Attend the market sounding event on October 23, 2018.
Event begins 08:00 AM EST

  1. Open dialogue with St. Mary’s Cardiac team to learn more about our procurement needs

  2. Attend an educational session on innovative procurement


Complete the Market Sounding Questionnaire

You will receive an electronic link to the questionnaire


After the Market Sounding

Registered attendees will receive copies of the Market Sounding presentation, the Attendees contact listing as applicable, and regular status updates on the progress of the procurement process.