Innovation Process, Roles & Expectations

1.    Once a webform submission is received, our internal, multidisciplinary committee of clinical and procurement professionals reviews the information and determines if the product or service meets the objectives of the Innovation Program.


2.    After approval of the submission. Mohawk Medbuy will:

  • Draft the contract package for supplier signature;

  • The agreement is a standard purchase agreement, no commitment, open to the whole membership;

  • Minimum term is two years, with the potential of two additional, one-year option periods available; or any portion thereof, exercisable at the sole discretion of Mohawk Medbuy;

  • Signed contract package is loaded into our catalogue;

  • Hospital Members receive notification from catalogue that there is a new agreement available;

  • New agreement is mentioned at next monthly sourcing committees conference calls which is attended by hospital members;

  • Hospital Relations Team and Clinical Team take summary sell sheets prepared by supplier on their visits for distribution.


3.    After contract package is created, Supplier will:

  • Read and sign agreement (major revisions are not accepted);

  • Coordinate a meeting with Hospital Relations Team and Clinical Teams (telephone or in-person) to familiarize them with the product/service; 

  • Respond to any Q&A by hospitals;

  • Provide requested samples and in-service to hospitals as applicable;

  • Continue their existing hospital relations management.

4.    Early in the initial term, Mohawk Medbuy can coordinate an educational webinar or conference call between the supplier and invited hospital Members as applicable.


5.    Approximately 18 months into the initial term Mohawk Medbuy and Supplier will review status of agreement and determine next steps, if any.